Graphic Designer & Gemini Vegetarian from New Jersey. Currently Senior Creative at GrandArmy, previously Design Apprentice at Funeral. Her favorite food is spaghetti.


Identity, print, website, merch, social 

GrandArmy worked with Negotiatus to rebrand as Order — a tool that works in-stride with businesses to streamline the experience of juggling vendors, workflows, software, and purchasing processes. Overhauling the brand, we helped position Order as the trusted partner of finance, operations, and procurement teams everywhere. 

Featured on Visual Journal

Created at GrandArmy
Collaboration with Tristan Dubin, Tristan Hanks, Matt Morgantini, Hyunjin Kim, Ian Crane, James Stuart
Creative Direction by Michael Stone and Joey Ellis
Strategy & Messaging by Michael Stone
Photography by Jack Nesbitt
Completed March 2022
Adidas Valentine’s Day

Campaign, digital, print, art direction

GrandArmy worked closely with adidas to develop the identity for their 2022 Valentine’s Day collection. Practice Love celebrates the many ways people show love for their partners, friends, and teammates. Focusing on capturing moments of affection, we translated this concept into a flexible design system that feels warm and nostalgic, like a hug from a loved one. From beginning to end, we guided and executed the initial ideation, language development, photoshoot, and visual system, all of which culminated in the delivery of print materials and digital elements to be implemented globally.

Created at GrandArmy
Collaboration with Paul Abood, Elizabeth Nelson and Phil Gibson
Creative Direction by Michael Stone and Joey Ellis
Writing by Willie Miesmer
Photography by Shaun Mendiola and Geoff Mao
Videographer by Kriss Evered
Completed February 2022


Creative direction, art direction, digital, print, campaign

GrandArmy teamed up with Slingers & Boston Beer Company to create a comprehensive launch campaign inspired by the carefree spirit of summer, backyard hangouts, and the laid-back simplicity of convenience store culture. Three online videos, gas station TV takeovers, and a full social media rollout are included in the campaign, as well as brand messaging and a robust product and lifestyle photo shoot.

Creative Direction: GrandArmy
Collaboration with Alek Blik, Tristan Hanks, Jack Nesbitt, and Paul Abood
Photography: Eleanor Lee, GrandArmy
Director of Photography: Daniel Telles
Audio Production: Cleod9
Video Editor: Shannon Lorraine
Photo Retoucher: Ragnhild Jevne
Color Correction: Rare Medium
Conform: Josh Laurence
Completed April 2023

Ephemeral Tattoo

Identity, print, website, social, facade

Ephemeral Tattoo creates tattoo ink that disappears within a year and has their own tattoo studio in Williamsburg. The logo is actually four interchangable logos, representing Ephemeral’s everchanging nature. Made mainly for people who find tattoo shops intimidating or don’t want permanent marks, we chose a softer color palette inspired by nature to create a calm atmosphere.

Featured on Creative Boom
Featured on The Brand Identity

Created at Funeral
Collaboration and art direction by Chad Miller and Matt Barnes
Development by Marcd
Completed February 2021
NPR Podcasts

Identity, digital, social, art direction

The identity and campaign are centered around “More Voices, All Ears” referring to both the podcast creators, hosts and producers voices as well as listener’s voices. Calling on the community, we commissioned illustrators and designers to bring podcast content to life in their own voice. The combination of styles, bright colors, bold type and structured, simple design draws attention to the artwork and achieves a fresh and inclusive take on community.

Created at GrandArmy
Collaboration with Paul Abood and Natalie Patane
Creative Direction by Ang Church and Joey Ellis
Illustration: GrandArmy + Claire Kho, Dennis Moore, Jiayi Li, Luke Pelletier, Twisha Patni, Clemens Den Exter
Animation: GrandArmy + Simon Ampel, Charlie Diamond, Crystal Law
Sound Design & Audio Mix: Hyperbolic Audio
Editor: Crandall Miller
Writing: Willie Miesmer
Completed October 2021


Graphic Designer & Gemini Vegetarian from New Jersey. Currently Senior Creative at GrandArmy, previously Design Apprentice at Funeral. Her favorite food is spaghetti.

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Coming Soon: Three identities for film production companies, an identity for a mortgage company, a massive website for a chain of weekend getaway destinations, and a cult-themed retreat.